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march madness enveloped the bay area. they had to play an extra first round game as one of the last four teams in the tournament and that is where their run ended. this year they're guaranteed to be one of the final 64 and she got a huge gift from the selection committee. you mentioned it. a de facto home game. cal as a 12 seed gets to play 45 miles from campus which makes the prospect of upsetting unlv less daunting. it's also great for the fans who can see the game in person. just a glorious situation all of the way around. >> we were surprised we get to stay so close to home. hopefully we can get a good fan base out there and get good krou crowds out there to be behind us and cheer us on. it's a good situation for us. >> they are excited. it's a close to home game. i expect a lot of students. a lot of alumni and a lot of
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blue and gold out there. i'm happy. hopefully, you know, they'll support us on this run and we'll see what happens. >> getting to stay close to home and same for unlv. it makes so much sense to me to have your people, your fans, your people that followed you all year long to be able to be involved with the game and that makes it more fun for everybody. >> we'll have much more on the cal men's and women's teams. those brackets out today as well. that coming up in the 6:00 hour. guys? >> okay. thank you. great news for the cal basketball team. in addition to cal and unlv, six other high profile teams are on the way to san jose. syracuse and oregon among them. that means a lot of out of town fans. nbc bay area's scott budman joins us from downtown san jose in front of the shark tank. hotels and restaurants will be buzzing. when does the big party start? >> reporter: is it starts on thursday officially. unofficially is it starts tomorrow when people come to
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town. we've seen a strong tech industry and we've seen an improved housing economy and these are good times for the south bay and now we have march madness on top of it. the games of course here at hp pavilion but ripple effects will be felt throughout downtown san jose. welcome to the ground floor of march madness. literally. crews hammering in the basketball court that will host teams from around the country here at hp pavilion while the cooking staff is prepared to handle the rush of basketball players, fans and officials. >> we anticipate being sold out for the next four nights with reservations and dinner parties. we have several private dining rooms that are also booked for officials and special dinners and things like that. >> reporter: downtown restaurants, hotels and other businesses will all benefit from the tournament. >> it's an honor for us to host
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this event again. >> reporter: while the arena which just had the floor shipped in from ncaa headquarters will have its moment in the spotlight too. >> it showcases itself well. it looks great on tv. we have a full service staff here that works with the ncaa. so those are the reasons why we're able to get these every now and again. we're very honored to have it again here in 2013. >> reporter: san jose is ready for its close-up and ready to fill its coffers at the same time. ncaa officials not to mention fans and players start arriving and filling up hotel rooms as early as tomorrow. the games kickoff thursday morning with round two on saturday. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you scott. they just covered the shark's ice with hardwood. two local teams in the ncaa tournament. the st. mary play.
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cal and stanford women's teams are in the tournament. brackets announced a short time ago. stanford a number one seed and cal is a two seed. >> congratulations to them. if you have been outside, you notice flowers and trees are blooming but that means lots of sneezing and wheezing. >> marianne favro joins us in san jose with what doctors are saying about our early allergy season. we're sneezing in the newsroom. >> reporter: if you were an artist, you would think this field full of bright yellow flowers was amazing. if you have allergies, this could be your worst nightmare. one doctors say is coming early this year. the flowers are beautiful. the colors refreshing. but for many people in the bay area, the blooms bring on allergy gloom. >> in the past week my eyes have been itchy and irritated and i would rub them and rub them and they were itchy and irritated and watery.
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>> reporter: this doctor in san jose says he's recently seen a spike in patients. >> we're having more and more allergies coming in. we can definitely see that it's getting busier. >> reporter: over the weekend he used his pollen collector to find out exactly what's making south bay patients miserable. he says you can blame the high level of pollens coming from oak trees, juniper, birch. the doctor says allergy season is coming earlier this year in part because of our recent stretch of dry weather. >> because when there is no rain, the rain washes the pollen out of the air if you don't wash the pollen out of the air, you'll have pollen going into your nose and your eyes and into your lungs and you're going to have allergies and asthma. >> reporter: he says over-the-counter medicine can help but if they don't, he recommends you see a doctor for relief. you can also try minimizing your exposure to pollens by staying indoors, washing your hair after being outside or heading to the beach on weekends to get out of
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the pollen laden valley. the doctor also says it's possible to develop allergies later in life even though you've never experienced symptoms before. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking that allergy forecast. it's going to be improving over the next 48 hours as we're going to find not only some cooler temperatures that are already dropping into the 50s to low 60s but also rain returning. we'll let you know when that arrives and when it moves out in a couple minutes. the big change that's expected to have a big impact on crime in one east bay city. details are next.
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a san francisco supervisor says it's time to do more to protect women from planned
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parenthood protesters after complaints that protesters have been harassing anyone going into the clinic. the group doesn't believe it's breaking any laws by setting up just outside of the clinic's entrance. there's already a law that requires protesters to stay at least eight feet away from anyone's clients or workers entering a clinic. the group called 40 days for life is a nationwide anti-abortion group but san francisco supervisor david campos says that law, the current law, is not being enforced. >> the effort here is to really strike the right balance between the rights that people have to express themselves and the right balance of people, the right they have to access health care including reproductive health. >> we're not going away. anything that saves lives, saves babies is obviously bad for business because planned parenthood is the big baby killing business so we're here to save lives.
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>> so instead of current eight-foot rule, campos will introduce legislation to create a 25-foot buffer zone around the planned parenthood facility. the oakland police department is rolling out a new way to fight crime. the department's chief is talking about a plan to redistrict by switching from current format to two police districts to one which would consi ifist of five smaller districts. the first subdistrict would be in east oakland and in place by this saturday. each district managed by two police captains who are responsible for community outreach and officer deployment. >> going to neighborhood policing where captains are in charge of a smaller more manageab manageable geographic area. >> the goal is to better manage the city's limited resources and more aggressively address high crime areas. carrying a messaged a the mail. postal workers protested in san
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francisco today. they rallied outside of a convention hosted by their employer. protesters are concerned about cuts to service which could ultimately lead to an end of the postal service. the post master general was attending the forum. it's a convention that got criticism lately because the cost they are paying about $2 million to host it. they have lost 27% of its total volume of mail and they can't sit back and do anything about it. >> the postal service wants to privatize the post office and one of the things they are aiming right now is to reduce from six day to five-day delivery and later on they'll try to privatize that. we do not want that. we cannot allow that to happen. >> we're seeing mail coming back a little bit but slowly. what we've lost has been bill payment. people pay bills online. it's free. it's convenient. that won't come back. so you have to react to that.
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we've reacted in a responsible way. >> there are growth opportunities out there and that's part of the reason of this convention in san francisco. he talked about using technology more efficiently including smartphones and quicker packaging delivery options as a way to stay viable. parents need to get familiar with snap chat and ins at thtag. some don't require users to have a smartphone and can be activated through devices like the ipod touch and kindle fire as long as there is a wireless connection. the billionaire bail them out? more than 1,300 signatures have been collected. new financial figures have been posted about hosting the regatta and san francisco is short on
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the fund-raising goal. an online petition has been created. it is calling on him to pay the difference so it doesn't have to tap into other funds to pay for the event. more flat notes for the san francisco symphony as contract talks continue between musicians and management. more canceled concerts including a three-day tour of the east coast for a performance at carnegie hall. if you bought tickets for any canceled concert, we're told you can exchange them for an upcoming event or receive a refund. b.a.r.t. started a week-long test program for passengers who ride bikes. usually bikes are restricted during peak commute hours but during this test period bikes are allowed but not on the first three cars of any train. b.a.r.t. will be conducting a survey to get feedback of this program. this represents b.a.r.t.'s second pilot project expanding the hours of allowing bikes onto the trains. in health matters tonight, car pollution may be the cause
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of a jump in autism. a new ucla study finds the closer you live to a busy road or freeway, the higher the chances of having a child with autism. the study tracked results from air monitors around los angeles county twice a year for the last three years and discovered an 8% to 10% increase in autism due to traffic related pollution. >> i tell people that autism is the result of us poisoning our planet. >> research shows 1 out of 88 children is diagnosed with some form of autism. the study did not designate specific regions where a link between pollution and autism was strongest. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and a gray monday. >> it sure is. give you my thumbs up on that. we need some of these gray changes. it's hard after the weekend we had where conditions were in the 70s. we had widespread sunshine. we'll get rainfall in here and that's going to be great news with a lot of the bay area now starting to slowly set into some drought conditions at least we think by may. doppler radar is dry as it scans
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around. the huge change as we've noted from saturday and sunday is that widespread cloud cover. everyone right now with clouds here from santa rosa down to san jose and we're also noting an onshore wind. 5 to 10 miles per hour. that was good enough to help cool our temperatures down mainly with widespread 60s at this hour. let's get you live outside on this monday. you can see those areas of mid and low level clouds here across san jose. kind of a beautiful picture. we've had so much sunshine this year we get any clouds like this and it's a nice change for us. also in san francisco, it's gray. we do have winds 5 to 15 miles per hour but most importantly for tonight if you do have plans it is going to stay dry. a real interesting pattern shaping up. the storm system really hasn't been this size getting this close to us for probably a month, month and a half at this point. a huge area of low pressure soeshl associated with a cold front dropping in the pacific. we also have subtropical moisture tapping in from hawaii
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streaming in. there's a lot of dynamics with this that would ordinarily provide us with a strong storm system but the one thing that's going to be lacking is strong upper level dynamics. we'll get moisture in here but it doesn't look like it will squeeze out some of the heaviest rainfall of 2013. so do expect rainfall but don't expect a huge deluge across the bay area. we'll find temperatures in the 50s at the coastline and then down here for the south bay we'll also have some 50s and 60s and mainly breezy conditions for most of the day over the next 48 hours. your time line has cloud cover increasing throughout tuesday. we'll start off dry. you early commuters taking kids off to school or early morning plans, you won't need the umbrella yet. we'll start to see showers spread in across the bay area throughout 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. not expected to be overly heavy. we'll save some of that heavier and consistent rainfall as we head into wednesday morning right up into the north bay and eventually down to the south bay. here's the thing to remember. if you live in the south bay, you're going to see lackluster
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rain totals. trace amounts to maybe a tenth of an inch. highest totals in the north bay with a quarter to half inch. for those skiers heading to the sierra, snow above 6,000 feet. three to six inches across higher elevations. a little bit of everything but not a major storm. 42 in santa rosa to start. 44 in concord. 47 in san jose. 49 in los gatos and mid to upper 40s throughout the peninsula. daytime highs on tuesday will be dropping again. another couple of degrees. it will be comfortable around where we should be in time of year. 65 in san jose. 59 in santa cruz. 64 in palo alto and for the east bay also around here mid 60s. 64 in castro valley. 68 in livermore and 68 in walnut creek. san francisco with 60. 64 in santa rosa and definitely jacket weather at the coastline with 55 degrees expected. on your three-day forecast, we'll stick with this chance here of showers tuesday night
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also on wednesday and then by thursday we dry out and not much in the way of rain as we head toward the rest of the seven-day forecast. by sunday, sunny skies. and then by monday we'll get clouds in here and temperatures will warm back up into the 70s. a little something for everybody this weekend. i was out sunday at a lacrosse game. forgot spf and got burnt. i was only out in the sun for an hour and a half. >> dark as me in an hour. >> my gosh. have to be careful out there. >> wear your protection. thanks, jeff. history will be made overnight. the latest on the pope's installation next.
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world leaders arriving for the installation of the new pope. >> vice president biden and congresswoman nancy pelosi arrived in rome ahead of the mass for pope francis.
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jay gray joins us from vatican city with a look at the controversy surrounding the guest list. >> reporter: good evening. preparations continue both inside and outside of st. peter's square this evening and there's been a noticeable increase in both security and excitement on the eve of tomorrow's inaugural mass. sirens echo through the streets of rome as police lead caravans of dignitaries gathering to celebrate pope francis. >> wonderful person. do a very good job. >> reporter: vice president joe biden leads the u.s. delegation. today he met with the president and prime minister of italy while pope francis held his first audience with the head of state. argentinean president said i've never been kissed by a pope before as she gave francis a gift. traditional argentine cups used to drink the country's national beverage. they were at odds over social issues when he was the
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archbishop of buenos aires. hundreds of thousands expected to pack the gnawicity for the inaugural mass. >> reports are that there's an excitement about this. >> reporter: excitement building since the election as a result of his personal style. francis enjoys reaching out to faithful and vatican anticipates that it will be the case on tuesday as well. >> clearly a solemn day. with everything the pope has done so far, we see he has a people's touch at the same time. i expect we'll see that tomorrow as well. >> reporter: a touch that has come to define the early days of his papacy. the vatican announced today that pope francis will tour st. peter's square before the mass riding in either the bulletproof pope mobile or an open air jeep. in rome, i'm jay gray, nbc bay
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area news. >> exciting. >> the world will be watching. back in a moment.
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coming up on our 6:00 newscast, the bay area was rated among the worst places to retire in terms of affordability. we put that to the test. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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on our broadcast this monday night, plan of attack on a big college campus in florida. a student armed with homemade bo bombs and an assault weapon in his dorm. tonight just how close we came to another terrible tragedy. desperate measures are run on the banks, atms run out of cash. people rush to get their money before the government takes it away. we'll show you what's sending shock waves across the world. 10 states about to get hit just 40 hours before the start of spring. a big break in an infamous cold case. the largest art heist in history, half a billion dollars worth. tonight the public appeal from the fbi. that and tonight's monthly making a difference report.
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nightly ne "nbc nightly news" begins you now. it appears we came very close to having to come on the air with a special report about the latest mass casualty disaster on a major college campus. this time it was on the sprawling campus of the university of central florida in orlando. police say a student was heavily armed with homemade explosives and an assault weapon. they say he had a plan of attack which he had initiated, but thankfully apparently someone saw something and said something, and tonight a huge tragedy has apparently been averted. nbc's mark potter starts us off from there tonight. >> it was shortly after midnight when the tara i dorm after midnight was evacuated. police received a 911 call followed by a student who was hiding in a bathroom after the roommate pulled a gun on him.

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